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Get the cloud-based marketing platform that is transforming law practices.

Marketing Intelligence Dashboard

Hassle-free set up & ongoing support to help you optimize your marketing efforts & stay ahead of competition

Know which marketing channels and campaigns are generating new clients - not just leads.

Automated Lead Response System

Respond immediately to leads to let them know you've received their inquiry and will follow up shortly.

Contact Management Dashboard

Track the progression of every lead from first click or call to becoming a new client.

Mobile Contact Alerts & Reminders

Track leads in real-time and respond quickly whether on the go or in the office.

Online Credit Card Payment

Get paid faster by giving clients the ability to pay for your services online.

Optional Search & Mobile Optimized Website

Improve or expand your web presence to generate more new business.

One-Click Contact List Import & Export

Easily transfer information about contacts into a CRM system or address book.

Avvo Ignite’s contact management and automated follow up system saves me a ton of time and helps me close more leads. It also gives me the information I need to make smart decisions about where to spend my advertising dollars. It’s been a game-changer for my practice.

Linda Callahan, Callahan Law

Linda Chatlet, Chatlet Law

Avvo Ignite pulls together data that previously required hours to compile from Google Analytics, phone bills and client management software. This is a great service which we utilize extensively when making marketing decisions.

...the antidote to clueless lawyer marketing.

Greg Sterling,
Internet & Small Business Marketing Consultant

Lee Rosen,
Rosen Law Firm & Attorney at Work Blog

...an impressive digital marketing and CRM solution for lawyers. And it shows how vertical specialization can create much richer tools than a one-size-fits-all horizontal approach.

Welcome California State

The regular price for Avvo Ignite Suite starts at $199 per month. As a California State Bar Law Practice Management & Technology section member, you are eligible to receive a lifetime 20% discount on Avvo Ignite Suite with no setup fee. Get started today with a 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Avvo Ignite Suite is a cloud-based marketing platform that gives you the tools needed to efficiently manage leads, close more new clients; and track, measure & optimize your marketing – all while saving valuable time and money.








































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